Estate Planner

A must for those without a Will or an Estate Plan!

Estate Planning Services

The ‘Estate Planner’ includes everything that our Mini-retainer financial plan offers, but it also has an additional feature which is essential for almost all truly inclusive financial plans an ‘estate plan’

An estate plan determines the future of your wealth disposition and other financial decisions after you die or become disabled. It is critical for a tax-efficient, fast implementation of your wishes and priorities.

An estate plan is much more than just a will; it covers numerous aspects of your financial decisions after you are not there or unable to make them yourself. It is not exclusive to elderly or ‘retired’ in fact, sooner you plan your estate the more financially secure and better prepared you are to confront any accident or unexpected illness.

Who should take care of you or make decisions if you get disabled and unable to communicate your desires Who should act as your trustee to handle your financial matters after you die or get disabled How should your wealth and assets be allocated to your heirs, organizations, and causes dear to you.

Our estate planning services provide you the most feasible strategies to guarantee that your asset disposition and other crucial financial matters are carried out in the way you always wanted.

What’s in there for you

The “Estate Planner” is the only limited retainer that offers an estate plan. This retainer offers all the items in the “Mini- Retainer”, plus our licensed attorney will prepare a Simple Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Living Will and Health Care Proxy. This option includes all fees for drafting and recording of the legal documents. This retainer is a must for those who are without wills and need some planning assistance.

Duration: Four Hours plus 2 quarterly phone conferences for follow up


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