“Designed for the client who needs a little more”Financial Planning Services - Mini Retainer

Mini-Retainer adds to the Financial Fitness Review Plan. This financial plan addresses your financial and investment concerns in more detail and helps you identify your goals. Rather than focusing on one or a few aspects of your financial state, it allows for extra time to explore other questions and topics.

Our financial planning services make sure that the plans you put in place for your financial well-being do not end up working against each other. We assist you in aligning your financial planning goals and investment strategies.

Making investments is the most reasonable way to grow one’s wealth but entails significant risk if done without expertise. You get to make smart investments with our financial planning advice.Enhance your financial portfolio with minimal risk by consulting our wealth management services. The Mini-Retainer financial plan includes your very own financial pyramid: a comprehensive and detailed overview of your financial state, net worth and asset allocation.

What’s in there for you

Designed for the client who may need additional time to cover more “in-depth” issues or a special situation, the Mini Retainer plan includes follow up of up to four hours of time, covering selected issues plus all the items in the Financial Fitness Review and a copy of your personal “Financial Pyramid” – providing you a detailed snapshot of your financial picture, net worth and asset allocation. It also includes two follow up phone conferences for questions and discussion.

Duration: four hours plus up to two phone conferences for follow up


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