Standard Elite

Our Deluxe “Comprehensive” Retainer

Standard Elite Wealth Management Services

An all-inclusive and unlimited retainer, Standard Elite along with all the features and benefits associated with our financial services, also includes income tax preparation and planning. Under this retainer, we also amend prior returns if needed.

Experience the potential of our wealth management services through tax planning, estate planning and other extensive financial planning and strategies. Standard Elite provides you unlimited time to address as many financial planning concerns as you want it will cover all the topics.

To ensure that your plans are coherent and are not hampering your financial goals by working against each other, this retainer brings all your financial and investment plans on a single platform.

Standard Elite will give you a complete and in-depth appreciation of all aspects of your financial estate and investment strategies.

Estate planning services are included with this retainer, to enable your wishes and financial preferences to be implemented in an efficient manner, even after death or disability.

Consult with our experienced professionals in the realm of financial planning and discover how to secure a financial future for yourself and the ones you care about.

What’s in there for you

This is the only “Unlimited Retainer”, allowing you unlimited time access to assist you with all planning topics. This is the ONLY Retainer that includes income tax preparation and amending prior returns if needed. It includes our three-year tax guarantee with audit protection. This comprehensive retainer also comes with all the Estate Planning documents, in addition to monthly follow-up as required. This full retainer also includes the following items:

  • A specialized organizational file system for your home or office.

  • Yearly Tax Deduction Book guaranteed to save you money!

  • Monthly meetings, phone or e-mail consultations

  • Client Newsletter

  • Yearly client appreciation party and financial seminar

Duration: Unlimited (yearly renewable)


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